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Terrazzo is one of the strongest surfaces on the market, making it a great choice for wall cladding, flooring, kitchen worktops, and other home décor. Once sealed and polished, everyday spills and the like can be easily dealt with; the usual staining and damage that conventional materials face like  marble and granite are highly unlikely to occur with Terrazzo. In terms of cleaning Terrazzo, it couldn’t be easy. Requiring only a cloth and warm, soapy water for day-to-day maintenance.

Terrazzo uses agglomerate pieces to form into a cohesive whole. This mixture of colours, shapes, and visible textures on the surface allows for infinite combinations of chromatic beauty. Subflooring can be pigmented to fit your chosen look. On top of this, Terrazzo is an eco-friendly option, making use of recycled chips and pieces of materials that would go to waste without the Terrazzo manufacturing process. Natural and engineered stones just can’t offer the same level of design potential and ecological stability that Terrazzo can.

Terrazzo makes for a unique, durable and stylish addition to any living space

Terrazzo worktops are suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. Each Terrazzo slab is distinctive and available in a wide range of materials, colour variations, texture styles and finish options in order to guarantee the perfect surface for you and your needs. 

A resin-based binding agent is more durable and hard-wearing than its concrete counterpart. Professional installation is a necessity if you go for this option. A cement-based binding agent is non-combustible, durable, resistant and resin-free. The cement process involves setting your Terrazzo patterns in the subflooring, followed by polishing and sealing. If you aren’t well versed in this sort of labour-intensive job, our professional team are on hand to help to install your Terrazzo worktop, countertop or furniture piece. 

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Terrazzo is the perfect choice for architects, designers and building professionals  who are looking to elevate their projects beyond the industry standards of granite, marble and quartz. Our team of highly-trained and expert fabricators are on hand to create the Terrazzo worktop of your dreams. 

Terrazzo worktops, Terrazzo tiles and Terrazzo countertops are some of the most high-performance options in the fabrication and design industry. Terrazzo is one of the most versatile and hard-wearing options on the market, bringing innovation and creativity to any project.

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Terrazzo is a fine addition to any living or commercial space. If you would like more information on our Terrazzo worktop range, or are looking to use it in an upcoming project, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.